Earthy Monk Manifesto (part 2)

“The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart.”

Dorothy Day

The Calling is not difficult to find, but few ever do.
The Word is very near but found only in Silence.
The Way to life is to die upon a Cross carried daily.
The One I seek seeks me more.
He is found not in a grave but Risen,
in the faces of the poor,
in distressing disguises.
I came to be found, and now found I must lose myself.
I came to seek the face of the Comforter that I may
comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.
I seek solace from the storm that I may rage against the winds of apathy.
I find no peace until the ego (the one that says “I am God
and in no need of Him Who is Love”) is shattered.
I came as one lost to the lost,
as one poor to the poor,
as one confused to the wise.
I am nothing unless I am at peace with Him
Who is the Prince of Peace.
I am forgotten.
I am lonely.
I am wounded, lame and whole.
I am a beggar at a banquet feast.

I am…only because I am one with the Nazarene!

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