Heaven’s Call to an Earthy Spirituality…

The word for Home and Economy come from the same word – oikos – meaning “home” and economy meaning “management of the household.” 

Our spirituality is the soul aspect of our economy; how we relate to and embody our soulful Oikos. 

We live in the body, filled with Spirit, planted firmly on this Earth to know, love, experience and live out God’s limitless Love.  We can not avoid the economy of our planet, our countries, our communities and our very souls.  We are given this life as a Gift from God, and what we do with it is our “Thank You” back to God.

 It is the spirit of Heaven to call us to an earthy spirituality, one deeply connected to all, and I do mean ALL, aspects of life.  

We are called to reject typical spirituality, Americanized, that says We are to be heavenly minded.  But what tends to happen is we fall somewhere in-between the dilemma of being so ‘earthly minded’ we are no good for heaven…or being so heavenly minded that we neglect, reject, and even abuse the Earth.

Remember: Grow where God plants you.

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